Ballet is a very strict and technical dance form. It is the foundation to every style of dance. It has been around for generations and still remains the same.  Students will learn terminology as well as execution of steps.  Ballet also teaches grace and elegance.

Lyrical/Contemporary is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques. It focuses greatly on interpretation of the music and telling a story through movement.  Expressing emotion is a very important part of this style.

Tap is a form of dance that is based on rhythms and sounds made by the feet. On the sole of each tap shoe there are two metal plates, one on both the toe and heel.  Tap teaches and is influenced strongly by musicality.  Students will learn terminology as well as execution of different steps.

Clogging is an old fashioned folk dance that has evolved into a fused more modern dance grouping that requires a lot of energy and fast footwork. The clogs, much like tap shoes, have metals plates on both the heel and toe.  However, rather than only having one plate, they have two connecting together to make even more rhythms and sounds.  

Pointe is where a ballet dancer supports all of their body weight on the tips of their toes.  This is done by wearing a specific ballet shoe with a boxed toe. Pointe is based on age and recommendation from our ballet teacher.

Hip Hop has many different styles and variations that seem to change regularly.  This style is usually performed to popular upbeat music and goes along with the entertainment industry.  Hip Hop is a fun filled class and a great workout!

Pops and Pearls is a "daddy daughter dance" that is offered which combines jazz funk and hip hop. This is always a fun way for dads to spend time and have fun with their daughters!

Jazz is a high-energy more fast paced type of dance performed to upbeat music.  Jazz consists of technical aspects such as leaps and turns, but also shows off fun and hip choreography.  

Pre-dance is for young children just beginning to dance.  We offer different combination classes in tap, jazz, ballet, or gym, jazz, ballet .  Pre-dance teaches the basics of each dance form as well as social skills, hand-eye coordination, and a new found love of dance.

This class teaches stretching and floor gymnastics. Tumbling progresses from forward rolls and cartwheels to advanced tumbling, including aerials. Students are worked with at their own individual level.

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